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Award-winning stage actor. Experienced in Drama, Comedy, Farce, Shakespeare, Musicals, and Child's Theatre. Major roles in As You Like It, To Kill a Mockingbird, Charley's Aunt, A Contemporary Christmas Carol (World Premier), Don't Dress for Dinner, and My Fair Lady.

Consulting Engineer

Over twenty years experience in hardware and software design and integration specializing in microprocessor/microcontroller subsystem design and reverse engineering.

Educational Technologist

Advance degree in "Interactive Multimedia and Information Technology for Cyberspace."  Consultant to universities, colleges, public and private school systems in implementing and optimizing technology, distance learning, and grant writing.

Technical Writer

Experienced in writing product specifications and manuals, contract proposals, contracts, grant proposals, lesson plans, coursework, technical articles, editorials, and much more.

Television and Video Producer

Founding Senior Writer and co-Producer/Director of "Faultline," a weekly TV series. Produced training and educational videos as well as original works of poetry, fiction and documentaries.

Radio Talk Show Host

Wrote, Produced and Hosted two weekly radio shows: The Abstract View, a half-hour sociopolitical interview and talk show; and The Happy Hour, a one-hour, drive-time, live comedy show with skits, updates on the local stand-up scene, interviews with local club owners and comics, and one national headliner live each week.

Stand-up Comic and Toastmaster

Live performances at The Laff Stop, the Balboa Bay Club, on "The Joe Crummey Show," various non-profit and corporate functions, and other Southern California venues.


Math, Writing, Multimedia design and Technology at the university, college, secondary and elementary level.  Corporate training.


Lecturer, humorist, essayist, op-ed writer.


Winner, Afterthoughts "Darkness" contest  and published in various Websites, newsletters, and even a time capsule!  Two collections of poetry in pre-publication.

Writer's Discussion Group Moderator and List Master

Moderator of the Cyber-Hacks Writer's Discussion and Critique Group and List Master of the Cyber-Hacks Discussion List and the Quick Smile joke-of-the-day list.


Various Books, newsletters, websites, and e-zines.


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