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B. D. "Bob" Faw

Poet, Scholar, WordSmith, Engineer, Philosopher

Hi, I'm Bob Faw. I've just finished my Interdisciplinary Studies Masters Degree in Interactive Multi-media and Information Technology for Cyberspace at California State University, in San Bernardino, California.

The university doesn't normally offer this course of study, so I combined courses in Educational Technology, Information Sciences, and Communication with specifically designed Independent Studies courses into an Interdisciplinary Studies Plan which provided the specific education that I needed to effectively research, design, produce and distribute Interactive Multi-media books, stories, courses, magazines and full-motion video productions.

The Internet plays an important role in my ongoing research as both an important source of resource materials and an ever expanding opportunity to discover new ideas, friends and associates. The Wide World Web offers unlimited possibilities for the publication and distribution of both public domain and restricted copyrighted materials. My first book of poetry will be distributed over the Internet via the Wide World Web. I have already published static (ie. text) versions of a select few of my poems elsewhere on this server, and will follow up shortly with full Multi-media versions of these and other selected works.

I am using my poetry as a fundamental base for my experimentation in studio and video production, and for my exploration of the various forms of computer mediated entertainment (an original phrase as far as I can tell). "I Love Him to Death" is the basis of a 60 second public service announcement (PSA) video about spousal abuse; "The Siren", a pastiche on Greek Mythology as told by Edgar Alan Poe, is a five minute "Poem Video" combining field and studio shots with video editing and elementary special effects; "Maui Consciousness" is an animated HyperCard stack for the Macintosh computer. A collection of all of these and much will be included in my final Masters Project.

I started the program in the fall of '94 and finished with 86 quarter hours and a perfect 4.0 Grade Point Average.

I am currently Web-editing American Wine on the Web magazine, writing the "Wine Newbie" column for the same magazine, and converting a scholarly journal, The Journal of International Information Management (JIIM), for publication on the Wide World Web. My Masters Thesis Project Is a complete, integrated system for quickly creating and maintaining electronic publications on the Internet.

I am an active member of Rotary International, with perfect weekly attendance for the past eight years and have served on my club's board of directors, as sergeant at arms, and on many service committees. This fall, and for the next four years, I will be one of four advisors to the new freshman Rotary Life Scholarship class.

In my spare time, I sleep.

For comments, criticism, more information or publishing offers ;-) or to just shoot the breeze, drop me a line: author@bobfaw.com

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