by B. D. Faw

They say our sorrows never end, and so they never do, my friend.
They said we'd never reach the sky, so mankind never learned to fly.
"The world is flat, the edges sharp!' or so the Ancients used to harp.
But wrong they were, as we can see, yet no one ventured far to sea
Until Columbus and his throng sailed to the West to prove them wrong.
Then Wilbur Wright (and Orville, too) refused to listen, tried, and FLEW.
I've always planned to leave this place; to find, perhaps, a better race:
A race of Men, both strong and free, who know no "THEY', but only "WE',
And speak about their fellow Man not what They can't, but what WE can!
"You're Just a young, romantic fool', the Oracles of mankind drool.
"Just who are you to see the Light, when no one else can set things Right?
Grow up!, Relax!, and join our group! why search for meat? There's lots of soup!'
And I SHALL go, and I shall seek the men of courage; not the meek,
And if this Race does not exist, I'll tell the World what they have missed
And cry to every soul that's Free, "Let's start that race with YOU and ME!'

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